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Moksha Narayan Bali

Gokarna Pitru Puja Thila Homam

Prayashchitta Thila Havan

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  • Gokarna

Service Description

Gokarna Moksha Narayana Bali Pitru Puja, Thila Homam: Thila Homa is a powerful ritual performed to alleviate the adverse effects of Pitru dosha or the curse of our dead ancestors who have not been appeased. It is performed with ‘Til’ (sesame seeds). It is believed that the thila homa can help to resolve all problems caused due to pitru dosha. By performing Thila Homam, we will be able to propitiate our departed ancestral souls who are still bound to earth. For people with Pitru Dosha in their horoscope, Thila Homa is the best remedy as this will remove all the ill effects of Pitru Dosha from the birth chart of the future generation. Generally Tila Homam is performed for the following persons: 1. Those with Pitru Dosha in their horoscope 2. Those whose family members died unnatural/ sudden death by accident, violence, etc. 3. Those who don’t perform ancestral rituals (Tarpanam) regularly as prayaschitta. 4. Those who have problems related to marriage/job/progeny/finances/fights/court & cases 5. Those experiencing paranormal/negative/evil occurrences in life It is believed that these rituals have a cleansing effect on the biological and soul desire that we inherit from our ancestors who prepare us to experience the problems in our lives. They can also open for us the gateway to seek spiritual enlightenment by planting their seed energy in us. Ancestral rituals please them and they remove the negative karmas. They also give us their blessings and protect us like invisible guardian angels. So, it is essential to satisfy our ancestors by performing Thila Homa and Tarpanam. Thila Homa is different from other Homas. When one perform the Thila Homa, they may find miracles happening in their life solving their problems one by one. This is due to the blessings of their ancestors. If this Homa is not performed properly, it can worsen the Pitru Dosha. How is Thila Homa performed? Til (sesame seeds) are offered in the Homa. This is followed by the chanting of particular Thila Homa mantras and Pitru Dosha mantras.

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  • Gokarna, Karnataka, India


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