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Gokarna Temple


Yogamurthim Bhogamoorthim Mantramoorthim Jaganmayam|

Kotiteerthaagni Digbhaagam Vande Ganapatim Muda ||

MUKTI means Liberation or Freedom. MUKTI not only mean Moksha but also mean to eliminate or freedom from any type of sorrows/difficulties. For example in the words like Roga Mukti (freedom from disease), Runa Mukti (freedom from debt) etc…, here it does not mean Moksha but simply mean to eliminate their sorrows/difficulties. GOKARNA is believed to be a holy land of SIDDHI KSHETRA as well as MUKTI KSHETRA.

GOKARNA is one among the important pilgrimage centers of the Hindus, lying on the coast of Arabian Sea located in Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka-India which is famous for temples, Kshetra Rituals, Pujas, SarpaSamskara/NagaPratishthe, Homas and beautiful beaches. The popular belief is that GOKARNA is in the shape of Cow’s Ear. This is also known as Bhookailasa and Dakshina Kashi. Mahabaleshwara Temple here is the most famous temple, an incarnation of lord Shiva. Holy Kotiteertha Pushkarani is located in the center. Most important is Hindu pilgrims visiting this holy Kshetra to perform last rites and rituals for the deceased believing this as Siddhikshetra as well as Muktikshetra. It is surrounded by nature’s beauty namely the Kudle beach, the Paradise beach, the half- moon beach and OM beach.​

So GOKARNA attracts pilgrims and tourists throughout the year.

We were arranging Kshetra Rituals only for the people who came to us through our acquaintances or personal contacts. As most of the people who came and satisfied with our arrangement and hospitality, suggested us “why can’t you utilize technology to reach few more people?”.  So we took this suggestion/question in a spirit and decided to make a try to answer this question effectively by synchronizing knowledge, contacts, technology to reach more people and thereby extend our hospitality in the best possible way. So started by Ganesh Bhat Ugru in true passion towards our spirituality and divinity who is presently residing in Bangalore, but was born and grew up in Gokarna Kshetra Purohit family in an atmosphere filled with Vedic chants, temples and spirituality, having most of his relatives and friends being priests here. We help you to perform any rituals systematically which you are willing to perform here. This is what we can tell something about us now. To tell more about us, please come to us as we feel what you say about us is more meaningful than what we tell about us.

Many times, you want to evaluate your options, or you are in need of direction for your Gokarna trip. We can help you to choose the best in Gokarna to feel divinity. Welcome to MUKTIKSHETRA GOKARNA, a unique Spiritual Medium in Gokarna. Take a look around, explore our site, and see what we can do for you.

We perform all Gokarna pujas namely deva pooja, pitru pooja or pitru dosha parihara puja or pitru dosha nivaran pooja, narayan bali pooja or moksha narayan bali puja, tripindi shradh, shraddha (thithi), pitru paksha puja, preta samskara, pitru dosha remedies puja, preta samskara (uddhaara), thila havan (thila homa), mrutyunjaya homa, praayashchitta homa, rudra homa, rudra abhisheka, gokarna kshetra vidhi, pinda pradaana, final rites, antyeshti, asthi visarjan & asthi sanchayana, kala sarpa dosha puja, kadali vivaha, kumbha vivaha, manglik dosh pooja, mangala dosha puja, kuja dosha pooja, pinda pradaana or pinda daana, etc in Gokarna...

Narayana Bali Puja Cost or Pitru Dosha Parihara Pooja cost varies depending on your actual requirements, starting at Rs. 8000/- onwards. We customize effectively and plan value for money packages. For details and booking, Please contact us on 9035646700.

​For more information on any Kshetra Rituals/Pujas or any queries please feel free to contact us

Have your Divine GOKARNA trip remembered forever.

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