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Narayana Bali & Preta Samskara Puja

To appease Lord Narayana for the Abnormal/Unnatural deaths.

  • 2 hours
  • Starts at Rs. 12000
  • Gokarna

Service Description

Moksha Narayana Bali & Preta Samskara Puja is all about can say Atrupta Aatma Shanti Puja. Narayana is God Vishnu and Bali means offering. So Moksha Narayana Bali is a Puja/Homa done to appease Lord Narayana for the abnormal/unnatural deaths, like death by disease, death by suicide, death by fasting, death by animals, death by a curse, death by murder, death by drowning, by snake bite etc.. In Moksha Narayana Bali, souls that have desires are invoked into an artificial body of wheat flour and then the funeral liberates them to another world which is known as Moksha. The word Preta means Pra Itha or the departed and Atma means the soul. If a person dies with his desires unfulfilled or with greed, the departed soul said to become preta or pretatma. Such a pretatma is said to suffer from unbearable hunger and thirst. In order to provide peace or make them attain Moksha, funeral rites have to be performed by the survivors, relatives or friends. It is believed that best to do Moksha Narayana Bali along with Preta Samskara (Preta Uddhaara) and Prayaschitta Tila Homa for Paapa Parihara. ​For more information or any queries please feel free to contact us

Contact Details

  • Gokarna, Karnataka, India


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